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So we decided to take the plunge and go full on backpacking with our toddler son, Jack. We stuck to one country – Costa Rica – but boy, we hit it hard. Pitch black dirt track driving, waterfall hikes, ziplining (my husband. not us), wave jumping…5 stops in 15 days. Crazy hard work – and even crazier amounts of fun.

I wrote some blog posts about our time here too:

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Tips for flying long haul with a toddler:…
Musicians featured:

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HELLO! I’m Emma from London, first mum to Jack and pregnant with bean number two, a Channel Mum Pro Vlogger and a Google geek (I work there). Things that make me happy.. being outdoors, doing yoga, eating healthily, traveling, crafting, home cooking, gardening, and most of all..being a mama.

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