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50 AMAZING Facts to Blow your Mind! #50

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Costa Rica advances the global conversation on planet conservation

Costa Rica is the eco-capital of Latin America, offering rich biodiversity and generating most of its electricity from clean sources. In fact 25 % of its land is designated a wildlife reserve or National Park and protected from development. Costa Discover A Lot More

Cutest Baby Sloth EVER!

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Pura Vida: Essential Costa Rica

Costa Rica has it all: jungle, beaches, mountains, adventure, relaxation. It’s all good in the land of pura vida. In fact, Costa Rica feels like it’s hiding a slice of paradise around every corner, just waiting for travelers to explore it. This Discover A Lot More

Facts about Costa Rica’s volcanoes

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Costa rica facts-Sustainability for business

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Facts About Costa Rica_Retire in Costa Rica_Moving in

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