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Fishing the Largest Lake – Arenal – Costa Rica Part 4

Fantastic fishing for beautiful fishes! Time refs for your convenience: 1:14 Coati; 2:50 Female Guapote; 4:16 Male Guapote; 6:53 F Guapote; 8:05 Anhinga; 10:52 M Guapote; 12:03 Machaca. Fishes. Nature. Love. Chaos. That’s the core essence of Koaw. Discover A Lot More

Pacific Nearshore Fishes – Costa Rica Part 2

Fabulous marine fishes of Costa Rica! Be entertained and learn about many beautiful species in pleasant waters. Part 3 next Wednesday (w/ Rainforests, volcanoes, and a special surprise at the top of a dormant volcano.) Fishes. Nature. Love. Chaos. Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica Fishing – My first Sailfish catch – Part 2

Fishing in Costa Rica – March 18, 2009 – We caught a total of 40 Pacific sailfish – I caught 16 myself! Amazing Day! We went with Shotgun Sportfishing at Los Suenos (…Great Day! Discover A Lot More

Marlin Madness: Costa Rica 2017 Deer Meat For Dinner

One amazing day! Fishing out of Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, Costa Rica, We raised over a dozen Blue Marlin and caught 4 of them. One well over 500 pounds absolutely crushed out Black Bart “Hot Breakfast” and would not switch to the pitchbait!!! To Discover A Lot More