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Rainforest – Singing Birds at Sunset Dec. 22nd 2012 – 1st Aquarian Eve – 1 HOUR Nature Sounds #2

The DAY AFTER December 21st 2012 🙂 Subscribe for my weekly videos:… Visit my Website: Friend me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube 🙂……!/Enrico_Galvini This Discover A Lot More

Syphon filter 3: Costa Rican Rainforest | Missão #2 [COMENTADO]

Eae galera, suave ? aqui vai mais uma missão de SF 3… espero que gostem, deu muito trampo de fazer, eu ia fazer vários cortes nesse vídeo, pq ficou um absurdo de grande, quase 10 GB de Arquivo. Mas fiz a missão todinha sem cortar uma parte… Discover A Lot More

Corcovado jungle – Costa Rica

The Corcovado rainforest is home to 3% of all biodiversity on the planet with 500 species of trees, 350 species of birds and endangered species such as Baird’s Tapir and the elusive Jaguar. List of species: Espaveles tree Scarlet macaws Capuchin Discover A Lot More

Night of the Deadly Creatures

Please SUBSCRIBE – Watch More – On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote encounters more than one deadly species of snake in the Costa Rican rainforests. Some of them he catches by hand and some Discover A Lot More

Costa Rican Rainforest

RAINFOREST WALK IN COSTA RICA: iPad/iMovie Viability Test II –Goal to shoot and edit within a single day to achieve reasonable complexity. Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica Ecotourism – Rain Forest, Wildlife, Volcanos

Costa Rica ranks first in the Happy Planet Index and is the “greenest” country in the world. Watch all my Latin America travel videos: Watch my Top Ten most popular videos: Discover A Lot More

The Rainforest – La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Lauren and I travel for what seemed like forever to get to our destination of La Fortuna. We have a 12am – 6am flight which I hoped to sleep on but I ended up watching movies the whole time. We spent our first day exploring our place (Casa Luna) Discover A Lot More