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Baldi Hot Springs Fortuna Arenal Costa Rica Hey Everyone! Finally we re-did our Baldi Hot Springs REVIEW. Baldi Hot Springs is located a couple miles outside of La Fortuna Arenal area and is ONE of the 3 more popular hot springs options in La Fortuna. The Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica and “Gringo Pricing”

GRINGO PRICING HAPPENS!!! If you’re coming to Costa Rica whether it’s for vacation or to live here you have to look out for Gringo Pricing. The locals think that every foreigner is rich and therefor can afford to pay more for a product then what Discover A Lot More

Barrio Amon in San Jose Costa Rica If you find yourself in San Jose, Costa Rica with nothing to do check out Barrio Amon. Bario Amon is a neighborhood where all the old coffee barons use to live and the neighborhood is full of old mansions that have Discover A Lot More

ICT Costa Rica Tourism – Save the Americans/Canadians

Genius marketing video for Costa Rica by ICT Need to be saved? Relax… we got this. Visit the #1 travel agency in Costa Rica If you need to know more about destinations and activities in Costa Rica do not hesitate Discover A Lot More

Bochinche GAY Bar San Jose Costa Rica Hey Guys! Downtown San Jose has plenty of gay bars and clubs to choose from but the ones usually mentioned are La Avispa, Club Oh, Energy, Pucho’s and this lounge and bar- BOCHINCHE’s. We’ve been going to Bochinche’s Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica Taxi Service TIP- MUST SEE If you plan on traveling to Costa Rica then this is a MUST SEE video. You need to know how the Taxi’s operate here. We do have another taxi video, but this video explains a particular problem with the taxi’s Discover A Lot More

San Jose Costa Rica Butterfly Garden

Spirogyra Butterfly Garden is a small piece of paradise within walking distance from the busy streets of San Jose Costa Rica. Spirogyra boasts being located in the last forested part of the city known as a “green oasis”, one of the few places in Discover A Lot More


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BEST Hotel Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Banana Azul

TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at Hey Everyone! love, Love, LOVE this hotel in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica which is located on the southern Caribbean side of the country. The hotel’s name is Banana Azul and it’s Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica How WE Live Pura Vida on the CHEAP

TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at: Hey Everyone! Can’t tell you how many people ask us about our life in Costa Rica. What’s our apartment like, how much does it cost, do you work, how do you make ends meet,,,etc. Discover A Lot More

Mercado Central Central Market San Jose Costa Rica

TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at: Hey Everyone, San Jose often gets a bad rap, and personally, I don’t think it’s deserved. Anyway, the Central Market is pretty much in the middle of San Jose, but is it Discover A Lot More

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO &VIDEOS at Hey Everyone! Puerto Viejo is located on the Caribbean (east) side of Costa Rica close to the Panamanian border. Puerto Viejo has a Jamaican influence and uniqueness not found Discover A Lot More

Discoteque Castro’s San Jose Costa Rica Nightclub Hey Everyone! If you want to dance to some Great Latin Beats, then Discoteque Castro’s is the place for you. Located in Barrio Mexico, Discoteque Castro’s is a fun place to either dance, or even watch others swing Discover A Lot More

Surf Camp Cribs – Shaka Costa Rica Tour Shaka Costa Rica Website A quick video we made in a MTV Cribs style video. A quick walk through the Shaka Surf Camp facility … Discover A Lot More

Introduction to the natural paradise of Costa Rica

Within 6 minutes we show you the most stunning places of Costa Rica and give you important tips for travelling through this natural paradise. For further information please visit our website Discover A Lot More

Theft and Crime in Costa Rica

Who’s responsible for the majority of theft problems in Costa Rica. Is it as bad as they say, or do the tourists need to wake up and smell the coffee, or maybe just watch their stuff a little better? Check out this video to find out. The Costa Discover A Lot More

Casa Alfi Hotel San Jose Costa Rica Casa Alfi is a boutique hotel (some say B & B) in the center of San Jose, Costa Rica conveniently located 200 meters south, on the new pedestrian boulevard from the National Theatre, Grand Hotel and Plaza de la Cultura- Discover A Lot More

Murder and Crime in Costa Rica

Tons of Costa Rica Travel INFO and VIDEOS at Hey Everyone! Seems you can’t read anything nowadays about Costa Rica that doesn’t involve the word ‘CRIME’ or ‘MURDER’. I’m over it- it’s time someone gave a little perspective Discover A Lot More

Boomers Offshore Interviews Travel Costa Rica Now

We are a full-service travel agency. TONS of INFO at Well, the tables have been turned. Our friends at Boomers Offshore website interviewed us. If you’re not familiar, Boomers Offshore is a website similar to ours, offering Discover A Lot More

La Amistad Hotel San Jose Costa Rica

Get TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO and VIDEOS at HEY EVERYONE! We got a chance to stay at Hotel La Amistad in San Jose Costa Rica. Hotel La Amistad is a renovated mansion situated between Barrios Amon and Otoya just Discover A Lot More

LOVE Costa Rica – Then Why You Leaving?

We talked to Ryan Malcolm almost exactly a year ago and NOW he’s leaving Costa Rica and moving back to Canada. You don’t want to miss this interview if you’re thinking about re-locating and living in Costa Rica as Ryan gives you a few thing to consider. Discover A Lot More

Gay Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica Hey Everyone. Couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to stay at a new Men ONLY, GAY Bed & Breakfast just outside of San Jose. It’s called Casa Rainbow Canyon. It’s located in Santa Ana, which is between the San Discover A Lot More