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Idioma español en Guinea Ecuatorial

Idioma español en Guinea Ecuatorial-Paloma del Sol hablando sobre el arte y la cultura en su país, en concordancia con el español. Discover A Lot More

Obiang Nguema Sworn in as Equatorial Guinea’s President

Teodoro Obiang Nguema was sworn in for his sixth term as Equatorial Guinea’s president on Friday. In a grand inauguration ceremony in the capital, Malabo, 73-year-old Obiang was joined by more than 1,000 party loyalists and about a dozen heads Discover A Lot More

CCEI BANK: Reinventing the financial system of Equatorial Guinea

CCEI Bank is a strong financial institution that keeps betting on Equatorial Guinea in order to facilitate bureaucracy for investors. Regarding the moment that the African continent is going through right now. There is no doubt that Africa is Discover A Lot More


Un video sobre mis vacaciones de la navidad 2015, tras un año estudiando en Houston. This video is about my 2015 Chrismas vacation to Equatorial Guinea, … Discover A Lot More

7 Facts about Equatorial Guinea

Learn, Share, Subscribe The African series: The Oceanian series: The American Series: The Discover A Lot More

Global Journalist: Equatorial Guinea’s oil curse

At first glance, the small West African nation of Equatorial Guinea is doing well. Sandwiched between Cameroon and Gabon on the Gulf of Guinea, the oil-rich nation of 820,000 has a per capita GDP equivalent to that of the Czech Republic or Portugal. But Discover A Lot More

People of Equatorial Guinea (Pueblo de Guinea Ecuatorial) Part 1

Equatorial Guinea is the only country in Africa that has Spanish as an official language. However, unlike the rest of the countries that make up the VeinteMundos, Spanish is not the first/primary language for the majority of the population (although Discover A Lot More

Soldiers of Misfortune – Equatorial Guinea

June 2004 The ultimate backgrounder to the coup attempt. Simon Mann and the others may face death if convicted, in order to deter other soldiers of fortune who smell oil in Africa. Discover A Lot More

Insights into Equatorial Guinea’s economy

The discoveries of oil in Equatorial Guinea in 1995 positioned the small country as a contender amongst West African countries to trade successfully with international regions and secure revenue to allow its economy to thrive. But with the global Discover A Lot More

Geography Now! EQUATORIAL GUINEA (Flag Friday)

You were waiting for the red part. Admit it. SUBSCRIBE: BTS info and tidbits? Check out the Facebook fan page: Twitter: Instagram: Discover A Lot More

En Clave de Vida – CI Equatorial Guinea (en español)

En Clave de Vida highlights the importance of conservation across mainland Equatorial Guinea in the light of rapid infrastructure development and high hunting pressure. Conservation experts from various organizations provide an overview of the current Discover A Lot More

Equatorial Guinea struggles with economy amid falling crude prices

Equatorial Guinea is facing economic recession due to a decline in oil revenues. The country had hoped to receive about 100 million U.S dollars from each million barrel of petrol exported. Today, they expect almost less than half. This has not Discover A Lot More

New Horizons for Equatorial Guinea

Discover through this documentary the progress Equatorial Guinea has made during the first phase of the development plan Horizon 2020 and which are the new challenges the african country is facing in the second phase of the plan. Discover A Lot More

Tutu Alicante: About Equatorial Guinea

“Equatorial Guinea is the richest country in Africa per capita, but 75 percent of the people live on less than a dollar a day.” TRANSCRIPT So Equatorial Guinea was a Spanish colony up until 1968. It is the only Spanish-speaking country in sub-Saharan Discover A Lot More

Ambassador Discusses Equatorial Guinea’s Native Languages

Purificacion Angue Ondo is Equatorial Guinea’s ambassador to the United States where the embassy can be found near the corner of 14th and U Street. TRANSCRIPT Ambassador: Like I’ve always said, we did not choose the Spanish language. In reality, Discover A Lot More