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Tortuguero, Costa Rica (HD)

Tortuguero, Costa Rica Tours | Evergreen lodge | Visit Tortuguero Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide Tortuguero is one of the most remote places in Costa Rica and is only accessible Discover A Lot More

San Jose Airport Costa Rica UPDATED

Hey Everyone, this is an UPDATED version of another video we did about flying into the Juan Santamaria International Airport (San Jose Airport). This video combines the old footage with some NEW changes that needed to be added. Check OUT this video Discover A Lot More


What happens in this video?! – I leave Seattle, Washington for Tamarindo, Costa Rica to meet with my girlfriend, Vela. – My plane breaks (thanks United Airlines)… So I barely make my connecting flight. – I land in a small plane on a cattle Discover A Lot More

TRAVEL VLOG | COSTA RICA – Ziplining! Hiking! Catamaran!

Follow me around on this EPIC TRIP TO COSTA RICA with TONS OF YOUTUBERS! THANK YOU SO MUCH STYLE HAUL FOR SENDING ME ON THE MOST EPIC MAGICAL VACATION I’VE EVER BEEN ON! I met so many new you tubers I never thought I would get the chance to meet! Discover A Lot More

Canal de Tortuguero (Costa Rica) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about Canal de Tortuguero. The starting point of our journey is the harbour city of Puerto Limón, the only important city on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, in Central America. It is a vibrant place surrounded by lush tropical landscape Discover A Lot More

Marijuana Coke Drugs in Costa Rica

TONS of Costa RIca Travel INFO & VIDEOS at Hey Everyone! First off, we don’t advocate drug use of any kind. We merely … Discover A Lot More

SUMMER MORNING ROUTINE! Get ready with me in Costa Rica!

✿ Please like and subscribe! 😀 ✿ Here’s a collage of products for this look: I list makeup, products and outfits here in the info box! 😀 ————————————————————————————- ✿ Discover A Lot More

Travel Hacking: Costa Rica Expat Problems (Travel Blog 11, San Jose)

Starting my trip to Costa Rica and had a ridiculous incident with Costa Rican immigration via JetBlue. I was almost not allowed to leave the country and it cost me an extra 0 USD while I fought to get on the plane. Get the free e-book the Under30Experiences Discover A Lot More

How to Get Your Carry Conceal Weapons Permit in Costa Rica

First of all you need to be a resident. it can take 3-6 months to go through the process. Costs of total processing and requirements, about, 0-180.00. You actual cost may vary. (my expenses may have been a little more because I live 4 hours Discover A Lot More

how to get a cheap flight to costa rica

Search and Compare over four million Flight Deals for free. Discover Cheap Flights at Hugely Discounted Prices from well over three hundred airline-airways and travel agents Discover A Lot More

Driving in Costa Rica the TRUTH Planning a trip to Costa Rica? Want to see Costa Rica by driving? You don’t want to miss this video, especially before you make a decision on how you want to get around. We think this maybe one of our more important Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica Travel Guide

S U B S C R I B E: Watch my Top 5 Central America City Guides below and get ready to travel the world with me! ▼◦▼◦▼◦▼◦ LINKS & MORE INFO IN THE DESCRIPTION ◦▼◦▼◦▼◦▼  ¡BIENVENIDOS, AMIGOS! Discover A Lot More

Buses, taxis, cars and rentals in Costa Rica

How to get around in Costa Rica without a car. There are reliable, timely, and cheap buses that are safe for families, taxis that are widely available and affordable, cars for rent, and lots of cars for sale. Discover A Lot More

Finding a Job and Work Permits in Costa Rica

TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at Hey Everyone! Get lots of emails from people for wanting to know how easy it is to find work or get a job in Costa Rica. Is it possible to work under the table? Is it easy Discover A Lot More

Riding the Buses in Costa Rica Hey Guys, we get tons of emails about riding the buses in Costa Rica- “Are they reliable?” “Will they get me here to THERE?” “Is it a good way to see Costa Rica?” In this video we give you the answers and some good Discover A Lot More

How to get Residency in Costa Rica

How to get residency in Costa Rica. The residency application process before the Costa Rica Department of Immigration is explained with step by step examples of the residency application process. Discover A Lot More