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Tilapia Pond Osa Mountain Village Costa Rica

Our first Tilapia pond with 3000 Baby Tilapias is up and running at Osa Mountain Village Resort in the mountain of Southern Costa Rica check out more in our site Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica Living The Pura Vida 1080p

Learn a bit about the lifestyle of Costa Rica in this video. Costa Rica is often described as the Switzerland of Central America. Get a feel for the rich culture and opportunities for living a healthy lifestyle….the Pura Vida (literally Pure Life) Discover A Lot More

Quirky Things About My Town – Costa Rica Living

Today I talked about Costa Rica & things you may not think of. Support Me At Patreon: My website: Our Surfing Channel: You can find me on!!! — – Special Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica – Legend of the Falls [HD] [GoPro]

The “Pura Vida” guys are at it again. This time in the rainforest of Costa Rica! Bink’s grandfather, Papi, recently moved to Costa Rica as a permanent resident and hosted the fellas. Day two of the trip (this episode) was a trip to some of Costa Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica: Pottery Factory in Guaitil – International Living

Pottery Factory in Guaitil, Costa Rica – International Living Get your free report on Costa Rica here: International Living editors Dan Prescher and Suzan Haskins show Discover A Lot More

Living in Costa Rica | Welcome Message FB

Check out our Fan Page at: Check out our Blog at: Hi there! If you are interested in Costa Rica and how we live there as a family, you should go and like our page right now Discover A Lot More

Living in Costa Rica (a pro and con)

Ashley and Dan take a walk and have a talk about what they like about living in Costa Rica. Discover A Lot More

Off the Grid Permaculture Farm in the Jungle of Costa Rica

John from goes on a field trip to Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies for a week long retreat. In this episode, John will take you on a mini tour of Punta Mona, an off the grid, zero waste, Discover A Lot More

Daily Life on the Beach – Living in Costa Rica

Find out more about: Daily Life on the Beach – Living in Costa Rica Want to build your business online? Check out our Free 3 Part Webinar series here: More free training and our free FB community Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica: A Look at Life in San Jose – International Living

A Look at Life in San Jose, Costa Rica – International Living I have a pretty standard morning routine. I’m awakened very early by roosters but stay in bed for a while Discover A Lot More

The Expat Chat: Pros/Cons of Living In Costa Rica

Which towns/cities in Costa Rica have experienced living in? What were the pluses and minuses for each? Do we like bigger cities? Are there drawbacks to the larger urban centers? Discover A Lot More

How old are we? Costa Rica Travel BLOG Part 2

Life isn’t easy as young parents, and even more difficult as teen parents (especially if you aren’t a teen and in high school). People sometimes see us and ask ‘how old are you guys?’, especially since Alex’s beard is gone. Today we’re picking up Discover A Lot More

Secrets To Living Happily in Costa Rica DVD Trailer

Have you ever dreamed of a new life? Have you ever wished you could ask people living here if there is a secret to living happily in Costa Rica? 1. How do people like you face the challenges of creating a new life in Costa Rica? 2. What do people Discover A Lot More

Ex-pat’s guide to living in Costa Rica [Part 2]

To listen to part 1 Thinking about living in Costa Rica? It’s a great choice – great cost of living, very safe and friendly and easy for westerners to adapt to. But living abroad in Costa Rica is not without it’s challenges Discover A Lot More

Sexy Single Girl Living in Costa Rica

We are a full service travel agency with tons of info Teresa has lived here in La Fortuna for 3 years now. Check out this video to see how she’s done it. She is NOT independently wealthy..hehe…. If she can do it,,maybe Discover A Lot More

Want to Live in Costa Rica Rule 1 Websites to AVOID

TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at In the upcoming months we’ll being posting some basic rules if you’re thinking about living in Costa Rica? So, the best place to start is at the beginning,,,this is RULE #1 Discover A Lot More

Moving to Costa Rica VLOG part 1

It begins. Finally. After all our hard work and preparation, we are finally moving to Costa Rica! This vlog will show off some of the highlights and tense moments from the 72 hours leading up to getting onto the airplane with all of our possessions Discover A Lot More