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20 Bizarre Recent Weather Phenomena

From the strange happening of toads falling from the sky to the unbelievable & beautiful circle rainbow you need to see to believe! Subscribe to Talltanic 11. Acid Rain Acid rain arrived in Iran along with November in 2013 Discover A Lot More

Central America

Central America (Spanish: América Central or Centroamérica) is the central geographic region of the Americas. It is the southernmost, isthmian portion of the North American continent, which connects with South America on the southeast. When considered Discover A Lot More

OVERSEAS – Charleston

OVERSEAS is a five piece Punk Rock band from Costa Rica, in the American continent. The band was created in October 2011 and although they’ve already had shows with bands such as The Lawrence Arms, it wasn’t until a year after its formation in Discover A Lot More

Paul McCartney Getting #OutThere in San José, Costa Rica Paul recently played the Estádio Nacional in San José, Costa Rica, the third gig of his current tour of Latin America. The show was Paul’s first ever concert in the country, and was Discover A Lot More

The Continents After a Pole Shift: A Theory of a Future Earth

Relaxing Instrumental Music: relaxdaily N°074 Follow Me: FB: Scientific Visualization Center Goddard Space Flight Center Discover A Lot More

Farm Connections 405: Farming A Continent Away

On this episode of Farm Connections, we examine how farming is done outside of the Midwest. First, Dan visits with two members of a study trip to Costa Rica: Jim Checkel and Wally Thomas are alumni of M.A.R.L., Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership, Discover A Lot More

Butterflies in Costa Rica by Tachiz Travel Costa Rica

There are more butterfly species in Costa Rica than in all of the Continent of Africa. That is many species. Upon request, we will incorporate the most suitable butterfly farm and live exhibit into your vacation of a lifetime to Costa Rica. Talk Discover A Lot More

2 Wheels 2 Continents

A montage of videos from my 14,783 mile motorcycle journey from San Francisco to Rio de Janeiro, via Mexico, Gautemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Agentina. Largely shot with a Canon G12, Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training – OCT 2015

Information and dates for the upcoming yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, October 2015. For more info: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica October 10-31, 2015 This intensive Discover A Lot More

Tour Guide vrs monkeys

This is a monkey that was protecting its territtory from a tour guide that was close to the troop. The white faced monkey it is the smartest monkey of the America continent. Discover A Lot More


Luis Miguel – America Fotos del contiente Americano con el nombre de sus respectivos países. American Continent Pictures with the name of their countries. Argentina Bahamas Belice Jamaica Bolivia México Brasil Canadá Chile Discover A Lot More

The Giant Spheres of Costa Rica follow an intricate pattern!

The spheres of Costa Rica are proof of incredible masonry skills. A study performed by the University of Pennsylvania shows that the spheres are 96% perfect. They range in size between 0.5 and 2.50 meters in diameter and are intricately placed in Discover A Lot More

Motorcycle Visions Part 9 – Central America – BMW F650 GS

Exploring the North American Continent – A Two Wheeled Adventure Part 9: Riding through Central America from Belize south through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica towards Panama with arrival in Panama City at the end of Part Discover A Lot More

“La Plaza de la Cultura” – Costa Rica

San José Downtown! I love my Country, this is San José, what you see is a very popular place, a Replica of the Opera House in Paris, many of the buildings of San José (at least the old ones) are from European inspiration or came directly from Discover A Lot More

Travel around 18 countries in 4 continents

This video includes scenes from: USA, Madagascar, Germany, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Switzerland, Perù, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Colombia. Discover A Lot More

EXPOTUR Costa Rica Zona de los Santos

EXPOTUR Costa Rica Zona de los Santos Los Santos region is located on the southern mountains of the Central Plateau of Costa Rica. Here, we can find several towns and communities mostly dedicated to coffee activities, such as San Gerardo de Dota, Discover A Lot More


Cruising in Amerika is a Web Serie presented by Le Petit Jc, a young artist who travel throw the american continent on a Cruiser (little skateboard). From New-York to Buenos Aires, he visits 13 different countries in Amerika and exposes each country Discover A Lot More

Poas Canopy Tour Costa Rica May 2014

Canopy, ziplining at Poas Volcano in Costa Rica. Best tour ever! Great people and with the best group of friend from all over the continent. Discover A Lot More

AMERICA – American continent – Continente Americano. 

Countries of America,Países da América,Los países de América,United States of America,Estados Unidos da America,Brasil,Brazil,Canada,Mexico,Argentina,Bolivia,Uruguai,Paraguai,Chile,Peru,Ecuador,Panama,Venezuela,Costa Rica,Colombia,Suriname,Jamaica,Honduras,Haiti,Ivete Discover A Lot More

Screening Report from COSTA RICA (San Jose)

“Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical” WORLDWIDE Thousands of people are experiencing the uplifting musical extravaganza as the DVD is brought to big screens in cities around the globe! The screening events bring together audiences of all walks Discover A Lot More

Most and Least Happy Countries (by continent)

My video – it’s rating countries by satisfaction with life and human development. It’s more holistic and psychological terms than GDP per capita. USA, bahamas, canada, costa – rica, barbados, haiti, nicaragua, el salvador, cuba, grenada.. seychelles, Discover A Lot More

O’Neill Generation – Costa Rica

France is one of the oldest Surf European countries while Belgium is one of the newest action sports land of the old continent. France has the experience while Belgium has the freshness of the new factor… It is a bit the same story when it comes Discover A Lot More