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On A BOAT & Last Day in Costa Rica!

Partying on a boat on our last day in Costa Rica! A massive thank you to the StyleHaul team for inviting us out to Costa Rica… we had the best time and hope you enjoyed the vlogs! PRE-Order my NEW BOOK here: Suzie’s Discover A Lot More

Adventure Tourism in Costa Rica

What is Adventure Tourism and how is it different from Ecotourism? This project was made for the Outdoor Recreation department at the University of Minnesota. The song is Stall Out by Mutemath Special thanks to Geoff of Wilderness Inquiry and Discover A Lot More

A Day in the Life of a Costa Rican School Pupil

See what it’s like to go to school in Costa Rica. How does it compare to school in your country? For more resources and to watch the full Brilliant Bananas Online Field Trip, visit our website here: Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica Things To Do in one week

Life Doesn’t Suck brings you our complete trip to Costa Rica over the course of one week. In it you’ll experience the countries most fun activities such as Playa Del Tamarindo, Pangas beach club, Howler Monkey Balls, Howler Monkey babies and families, Discover A Lot More

Pros & Cons Of Costa Rica (Views From An Expat) After having spend the last 5 months in Europe, we are finally back home in Costa Rica. And as we receive questions about this beautiful country – our home as German expats- I thought, I make this video for you guys! Enjoy! ** Discover A Lot More

Why we left Costa Rica

In this video we’ll be answering the biggest question we’ve received since we posted our last video “Good Bye Costa Rica?” That question is “Why did you leave?” Enjoy Discover A Lot More

Costa Rica Wildlife Costa Rica wildlife in full HD from the experts! All in 2 minutes Frog TV highlights Discover A Lot More

Trying Delicious Costa Rican Food 2016

Subscribe Now for MORE Videos: Help me make more videos: Easily, the best things I had in Costa Rica were the “tacos”. I’m not sure if they were authentic or not, but there was a lot of lettuce. Discover A Lot More

Money in Costa Rica – Colones & Dollars

What Money Do They Use in Costa Rica? What’s The Best Way to Exchange Money in Costa Rica? Where Can I Get Money in Costa Rica? Well, in this video we discuss money in Costa Rica. The currency is called the Colon or Colones in multiples. You can Discover A Lot More

What To Eat In Costa Rica | Krista Simmons

SUBSCRIBE: Costa Rica is well known for its lush rainforests, epic surf spots, and three-toed sloths, but its food scene is also worthy of attention. Costa Rica’s rich culinary culture is strongly influenced by the dizzying Discover A Lot More