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DuO • Costa Rica – San José (Ep.2)

● Second episode of our trip around the world ● Day 3 : San José, Costa Rica ● Our stay in the really chill Urbano hostel, a little visit of the University, funny moments in the city and our first night with our friends 🙂 Discover A Lot More

Emma’s en Costa Rica #1

Ever dream of giving up your typical highschool, average family, awesome friends, and boring life to go on an adventure of a lifetime in a country you hardly know anything about? One girl made this dream come true. Emma. En. Costa. Rica. Subscribe Discover A Lot More

SEE! Obama visits Costa Rica GlobalPost

Obama visits Costa Rica | GlobalPost – YouTube ► 3:19► 3:19‎ 12 horas atrás – Vídeo enviado por GlobalPost Ahead of US President Barack Obama’s May 3 visit to Costa Rica, the Central American country nearly Discover A Lot More

IT’S COMING TOWARDS OUR CAR! | Costa Rica, Vacation Vlog ~ Day 3

3rd day in Costa Rica and our last day in Arenal. Finally saw something besides birds and bugs. Had a amazing day hiking the Hanging Bridges, and one last visit to the hot springs. Costa Rica Vlog Playlist: ~~~~~~ See Discover A Lot More

One Day Tour: La Fortuna – Costa Rica

We visited the area of La Fortuna in Costa Rica, and we had an incredible time. Here are some options of what you can do in 24 hours: visit the Baldi Hotsprings, take a tour around the Arenal Lake to see the majestic Volcano, and visit La Fortuna Discover A Lot More