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Volcanoes covered in tropical greenery, beaches with white sand and warm, blue water, and more than 400 miles of Pacific Ocean coasts are only a few of the amazing natural wonders the beautiful province of Guanacaste has to offer. Renting a property here is buying a one-way ticket to heaven on earth; you never will regret for for rent a home in Costa Rica !
Sitting between the Nicaraguan border and the Bongo River estuary, Guanacaste is privileged with warm and dry weather November through April, making it the ideal escape to the harsh North American winter, with constant heat and little rain the rest of the year. This makes agriculture and ranching the top economic activities of the province, along with the recent increase in tourism due to the many development centers that were built.These centers were especially constructed for the development of tourism, and are located in the important commercial districts of the province. In the north, you can find the Santa Cruz and Liberia districts, with five centers around them: Papagayo, El Coco, Flamingo, Conchal, and Tamarindo. You can also find an international airport in Liberia, which is the capital of the province, and that has a wide variety of commercial flights and destinations in the U.S.A.

Rich in traditions, the province is a blend of Spanish and African culture, also highly influenced by early exchanges with Mesoamerican countries. As any Latin country, many of these cultural expressions are related to religion; the Patron Saint festival Santo Cristo de Esquipulas, Virgen de los Ángeles Day, and the Nuestra Señorita la Virgen de Guadalupe Festival are only some of these entertaining activities. There is no such thing as being bored in this province, because when it comes to entertaining activities, Guanacaste offers a wide variety of them. If you like adventure, there exists diving centers in the Gulf of Papagayo and Santa Catalina islands. To pamper you, there are many hot springs at the base of the volcanoes, some of them with exclusive five stars spas. To workout, hiking and sport biking trails that feature unbelievable sights of the coast and mountains, and varied cultural, natural, and religious attractions are the top options. Landscape and wildlife photography is another activity you can do, thanks to the different ecosystems and the Cordillera de Guanacaste.
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